How To Find Your Niche

Deciding on your preferred niche can be easy or very hard


Let’s start by defining what is a niche

A niche can be a product, a service, or an interest “which appeals to a small or PREFERABLY a large section of the population of the world” (YOUR AUDIENCE). 

Let’s see what makes a good niche FOR YOU:

1. You shall be PASSIONATE about the niche you want to use for your website:

Finding the right niche is the most important activity when deciding to start an online business. This means that you love this topic, product or service so much that you will be able to write posts about it for a long time….many years. Preferably, you have an excellent knowledge of this niche so that you can write posts which answer the needs of your audience. You could make a list of your areas of interest and then evaluate which one would be a GREAT niche for you. The niche in which you have a lot of interest and are very knowledge about would most likely be the BEST niche for you.

Many people will give up blogging because they lose interest in it. They cannot find anything else to say about their niche. So it is very important that your niche is something in which you have a very strong interest in and that you can learn more about it and most important, write posts about it often on your website.

Once you have decided on a particular niche, you could validate your choice by writing down 10 to 15 blog post subjects you could write about now. This would confirm that you most likely have selected the right niche for you. If you cannot write down more than a few, then this is probably not the right niche for you. So try the exercise again in a different interest which you have until you come to the conclusion: “This is my niche”.

2. You shall ensure that there is a need for your niche and that it is large enough can be monetized.

You need to do some Market Research to confirm if there is a need for your niche, the size of you market (Your audience) and also if you can make monetize your niche within this market.

In order to achieve this, you need to a small market research. You can use GOOGLE TRENDS to do your research. As an example, say that your favorite niche is “Road bicycle”.  You always use your bike to go back and forth to work, you like to go on rides on weekends. and all kinds of other activities.

You can start your search on  GOOGLE TRENDS and type in “road bicycles”You will then see a chart which indicates if there is any public interest and how many people are searching for this item. You will notice on the chart if the interest for “road bicycles” is constant (stable), going down or rising. This way, you can see if it is a good niche for you. You can try different niches and select the one(s) which seem to be in demand.

This concludes the presentation of “HOW TO FIND YOUR NICHE”.

If you have any questions or want more information, please us the comments below and I will get back to you promptly.



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