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What a great feeling to have my Home Business and Earn Money

Your Home Business

Your home business

The idea of having YOUR HOME BUSINESS and HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE is really a great one, and it is a very popular subject. But sometimes these ideas can hide many issues and money losses due to “SCAMS”. 

If you are not careful in selecting the Right Business FOR YOU, you might end-up “LOSING MONEY” instead of reaching your goal of “MAKING MONEY”. We all work hard for our money and we definitely do not want to “waste it” on a SCAM”.


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So before going into the details of “How you can Earn Money At Home Online”, we will discuss a few things about “SCAMS”. Let’s see how we can detect a “SCAM” addressing “HOME BUSINESS”, “MAKE MONEY AT HOME” and “MAKING MONEY ONLINE”.

The tactic which most “SCAMMERS” utilize is to get your “TRUST” whichever way they can. You know, most people really want to build something online and make money but they don’t know “how to do it”.

How to detect scammers

Online SCAMS                                                                   You Can Detect These Scammers

If you do your homework properly, you can definitely find an “Online Home Business” which will be just right for you. So, in order to help you make the best “SELECTION” for your home business, I have prepared a list of “do’s and don’ts” and pieces of advice, when deciding “Which Home Business is Best for YOU”.

1. You should never give:   

– your credit card information to enroll in a FREE program for any reason whatsoever. What happens next is these “SCAMMERS” start charging your credit card regularly even if you did not authorize them.

Before you sign up for anything, you should do your verifications. Check the reviews online about these opportunities and make sure you read all of the information which you may get.

You can also check with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission concerning a certain opportunity..

2. You should never pay: 

– upfront fees for a business opportunity. Most legit companies offer free membership with options to upgrade at a later time.

3. You should never send money:

– by bank or wire transfer to join an opportunity.  Often some companies offer to sell you a “starter kit” and need your money upfront, and you may end up having an inventory of certain products which you will have to resell. These are often “not legit” opportunities. You end up with products which you cannot resell.

4. You should never believe:

– in statements like “Make $2,000. in a weekend or in the next week or any relatively short period.  And also statements like; “Free Income”, “Instant Success”, etc… These are really common SCAMS and too many people get caught by these irresponsible companies and lose their hard-earned money. Working in the comfort of your home requires hard work, good knowledge of the business, good products and also, it takes time before you make your first dollars. Good Companies normally offer training for you to get the knowledge of the processes and products so you can be successful.

5. You should never give:

– your personal information like your Social Security Number, Driver license or bank account details. This is like walking in an open trap.

6. You should always:

– read all related documents provided to you and give special attention to things like Legal requirements, the work required on your part, inventory requirements if applicable, subscriptions and/or membership fees, etc…

7. You should never be influenced by Big Numbers:

– Either “LARGE AMOUNT OF GAINS” or “A LARGE NUMBER OF PAGE VIEWS ON A WEBSITE”.  How can you tell that these are real? Impossible!!! Again, this could be another trap. Until you complete your full verifications and checks, you have no idea of the validity of these numbers. The same thing applies to pictures of luxury homes, cars, Cottages, boats…etc. We shall remember that to succeed we need to get the work done, be competent and it all takes time.

8. Do not fall for statements like: 

Work from home – Be your own boss – Make a pile of money each day/week/month, without doing your proper “due diligence“. These Scammers ask you to send your money to buy their “Money Making Opportunity” which will get you nowhere. All you will get is a bunch of useless documents and sometimes they ask you to send more of your hard-earned dollars for more “Useless documents”. But most of the time these “Scammers” do not care if you buy more because they already “got you once”.

9. Beware of:

– these smartly made videos where someone is showing off that with this home business opportunity, he could easily afford to purchase this “mansion”. In many instances, these houses were rented just to make this very tempting video.

10. You shall also beware of statements like: 

 “Live the life you deserve”. Yes, we all deserve a wonderful life and lots of money. But again, we shall study, learn, work hard, exchange with the experts, etc….to succeed. “Nothing is free in this world”.

You want to be an Entrepreneur

You want to be or become a Real Entrepreneur and not let anyone make you think that “DESIRE, HOPE AND FREEDOM” “WITHOUT WORK”, will bring you success. Before you start any type of home business, you shall be convinced that you will “NEED TO WORK HARD” to succeed and it is very important for you to select the right business, the right niche and something that you have a “REAL PASSION” forThis way, it is easy to be motivated, dedicated and disciplined to achieve your “GOALS”. If you want to succeed in your “HOME BUSINESS” you cannot “PLAY ENTREPRENEUR” but you must “ACT like an “ENTREPRENEUR”.

Busy EntrepreneurBusy Entrepreneur 

So what is an “ENTREPRENEUR”?

An entrepreneur is commonly seen as a Leader, a person with a vision, a Marketer, who handles many other functions like human resources, finances, and many other business tasks and who assumes all risks and rewards of the business. So, If you want your own home business, you shall be prepared to get involved and learn, study, ask questions, and implement what you learn and be persistent and “NEVER GIVE UP”.


Great Legit “Home Business Online”

Now that we have discussed the “BEWARE” actions so that
you do not get caught in a “SCAM”, let us talk about




In this “Opportunity”, you do not buy anything, you subscribe as a member and you learn, through Classes, Courses, tutorials, Videos and thousands of other training aids “HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR HOME BUSINESS ONLINE”. I am personally a member of this Community and am very happy with it.

 This is the place where you:

1. You Can join FREE;

2. Upgrade whenever you want;

3. This opportunity is actually similar to a university where you learn to build your Online Home Business;

4. You can start with the Online Entrepreneur Certification Training (5 Courses – 50 lessons) OR you can also start with the Affiliate Bootcamp Training (7 Courses 70 lessons) or both Plus a very large number of Tutorials and members provided training;

5. You train at your own pace;

6. Weekly Live Webinars;

7. You learn to build your own websites;

8. Your own domain registration;

9. You get unlimited domain emails;

10. Website hosting for your websites;

11. Experts support and members (Community) support (24/7/365)

12. And much MUCH more.

You can see in the chart below that you can join as a


Also, you can upgrade to Premium Member within 7 days and benefit from a 61% discount.

In this case, you only pay  $19 for your first month instead of the normal $49 subscription fee.

Here are  the different payment options available for a

Premium Membership:

  • $ 49.00 USD per Month; or
  • $ 234.00 USD For 6 Months (Equivalent to $ 39.00 per month – Therefore a saving of $ 60.00)
  • $ 359.00 USD per Year (Equivalent to $ 29.00 per month – Therefore a saving of $ 229.00)

You can also follow these two links

to find out more info concerning the wonderful opportunity 



If you need more clarifications or have questions, please do not hesitate to use the comments below. I will definitely get back to you rapidly.



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